Special Industry Awards

Each year at the Regional Training Awards – Individuals are selected by the New England Regional Committee in each of the categories listed below and the finalist is recognised accordingly.

The finalists progress to the State Awards.


Award Category:

Phil Darby Memorial Award – Encouragenent Award for an Apprentice or Trainee

This award is given to a person who has shown great perseverance and faced a harder road to complete their apprenticeship and is a worthhy role model to others in VET


Top Apprentice in Vehicle Trades Award

Awarded to an apprentice who has achieved excellent study and workplace results and who will be an inspiring amabassador for the vehicle trade


Excellence in Trade Skills

This award recognises an apprentice who has achieved excellence in their studies as well as demonstrated their capabilities in the workplace through the application of their learning 


Special Award to a Woman in a Non-Traditional Trade or Occupation

Recognise an apprentice, trainee of vocational student who has undertaken VET in a non traditional trade or vocational training associated with a non-traditional occupation. Winner is a worthy female role model 


Excellence in Technology

Recognises an individual working in the electrotechnology sector who demonstrates superior knowledge, skills and attitude in the workplace and at Trade School


Updated as at 29 July 2015