2014 Building Workforce Development Partnerships

 Building Workforce Development Partnerships- Professional Development Workshop – Build Capacity

This workshop has been designed to provide a practical and structured approach to assist participants to develop their understanding of ‘workforce development’. You will develop practical skills and tools to support the development of partnerships to achieve integrated, customised workforce development solutions.

Target audience: Training organisations and consultant trainers looking to work with companies and other partners to develop and implement workforce development solutions in NSW. This course could also benefit employees of organisations who support training or workforce development.

In summary, those who would benefit most from this program include:

  • RTO business development and/or senior management staff
  • RTO staff, in particular lead trainers and assessors, and VET      practitioners providing training services for workplaces or organisations
  • Individual trainer-consultants and sole practitioners interested in developing a larger customer base.
  • Enterprise-based trainers, human resource planning and organisational development staff.

Aims:This program is designed to support RTOs to enhance their services by partnering with businesses to develop and implement tailored workforce development solutions, deepen RTOs’ understanding of workforce development approaches and how to apply them in the context of training and assessment, encourage greater collaboration between RTOs and other partners in developing industry and regional strategies that go beyond a training solution.

Outcomes: This workshop program will support participants to: Explain the concepts of business and workforce development as they apply to VET practice and industry partnerships

  • Use this understanding to undertake effective Training Needs Analysis and develop customised workforce development solutions
  • Analyse RTO capacity and develop capability to engage effectively with workforce development opportunities
  • Describe good practice in workforce development partnering approaches, including scope and role definition, relationship development, planning, assessment, generating options, negotiating customised solutions, evaluation and quality improvement
  • Identify opportunities for strategic relationship building with industry / business to build both business capacity and RTO WFD capacity and leverage off success
  • Identify strategies to engage, promote and communicate effective workforce development practices amongst VET colleagues, RTO management, industry/ business partners and other key stakeholders
  • Access networks, tools, and resources to support professional currency and future planning in this area

Pre-Workshop Activity: This workshop has a pre-workshop activity. Participants attending this workshop will be expected to complete this activity and bring it with them on the day.

Unit Underpinning the Program: The TAE endorsed Diploma unit: TAEICR501A Work in partnership with industry, enterprises and community groups, maps closely to our program. This program, including your post workshop application, may support the generation of evidence towards this unit.

Workshop Length: Sydney Metro: 1 day (9am – 4:30pm) Regional NSW: 1 day (9:30am – 4:30pm)

 Cost: $300 inc GST

 For further information, or to register, please visit our website:   http://www.training.nsw.gov.au/training_providers/professional_development/assessment_workshops/building_workforce_development_partnerships.html