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Guide Me Careers (Australia) NSW

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Locally owned career guidance practice, based in the Tamworth region.

Guide Me Careers works with people of all ages to find a career path that suits their individual style. The benefits of selecting the right career that is a good fit for an individual’s style not only leads to a rewarding and satisfying career, but will save client’s time, money, years of studying and working in the wrong career area.

Guide Me Careers can help you in any of the following areas:

  • General career guidance advice
  • Job Start: – getting ready for the world of work
  • Identify career pathways that suit individual characteristics and traits
  • Would like a career path but don’t know where to start

For fee and detailed information on the areas above, contact Sarah Stewart on 0427 676 226 or

Click on  Love What You Do for more information.

Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer Program:

Role: To work with Aboriginal People to commence their own businesses as well as support existing Aboriginal Business in a growth or decline phase. A part of my role is to identify the skill sets of my clients and their capacity to undertake self-employment.

I also engage with the  GNSDG to assist in identifying industries where skill shortages and employment or self-employment opportunities for Aboriginal people are available.

New Careers for Aboriginal People:

Role: To assist and mentor Aboriginal clients into employment and increase their work prospects by increasing their education and qualifications. NCAP assists to identify employment opportunities that are available in the local area which usually require skill development and upskilling of clients.

The networks established in the GNSDG Aboriginal Sub Committee allow me to work collaboratively with other organisations to improve the employment and social outcomes for Aboriginal  People.