Commitment to VET Award

Each year the winner of this Award will be determined by Training Awards Committee members.

Based on nominations or recommendations from GNSDG committee or general members, local industry/employers or other local VET sector stakeholders. Candidates are not required to nominate.

The award is not restricted to individuals.

Employers or other VET industry stakeholders may be nominated.

4 Key Selection Criteria

Each year a panel will select the winner of the award based on the following:

1. Demonstrated commitment and contribution to VET for a minimum of 3 years. May include but is not limited to:

1.1. Membership or engagement with ISCs, ITABs or other industry peak bodies

1.2. Membership or engagement with local VET networks/organisations

1.3. Commitment to or engagement with industry, enterprise and end user (apprentices, trainees, students)

1.4. Advocating and promoting VET


2. Leadership qualities, may include but is not limited to:

2.1. Communication skills

2.2. Networking

2.3. Ethics

2.4. Integrity

2.5. Application of Strategic Plans/policies
3. Innovation, for example:

3.1. Implementing change

3.2. Developing VET related programs
4. Quality, for example:

4.1. Consistently applying and maintaining standards within VET sector

4.2. Continuous improvement





Updated as at 29 July 2015